August 2020
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Route educations
Route service tel. No.: +370 676 51911
Place Supplier of service
Salos village area Inga Stočkutė - Tervydienė Organizing excursions through mansion of Salos and its surroundings sukikaima.lt
Salos village area Igoris Kovalevskis individual enterprise „VIOLĖ"

Ceramic education lesson in workshop of traditional craftsman Igoris Kovalevskis sukikaima.lt

Juodupė village area Laimutė Sadauskienė Educational cooking lesson of traditional Lithuanian cake - šakotis sukikaima.lt
Juodupė village area Genė Šimėnienė Weaving lesson with traditional craftswoman Genė Šimėnienė
Onuškis village area Rural comunity of Onuškis Educational program „Journey through the centurys in the Onuškis manor house“ (only in warm season) sukikaima.lt
Jūžintai village area Rural comunity of Jūžintai

Tasting of culinary heritage dish, educational bread cooking lesson with traditional craftswoman Jūratė Puslienė

Taručiai village area Traditional winemaking craftsman Raimundas Nagelė Educational program about winemaking  „Wine road“ sukikaima.lt
Kriaunos village area Primary school of Kriaunos Tour with a guide through the Kriaunos village sukikaima.lt
Kriaunos village area History museum of Kriuanos Educational programs: „History of the handbags“ and „About the bees“ sukikaima.lt
Kavoliškis village area Individual enterprise of Igoris Skripka Educational program of jewelry and  stained glass production sukikaima.lt
Bajorai village area Doll theater of rural comunity of Bajorai  Educational program „You can hug the doll“ sukikaima.lt
Ilzenbergas vilolage area   Tour through the Ilzenbergas biodynamic farm ilzenbergas.lt